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The Windows Store is HERE! And you should be too.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM - Windows Store logo

Microsoft launched the Windows store in August. This is the first time in history that Windows has offered its own application store, and the opportunity is unprecedented. Imagine getting into the iOs store five years ago before every company out there had an app!

As of September 19, there are only 1800 applications available in the Windows store, whereas the Apple store has over half a million. This means you can be the first in your industry to target a gigantic new market. 85% of the world uses Windows, and Microsoft anticipates 500 million Windows 8 users by 2013. This is a market base you cannot afford to miss, and by the time Windows 8 is formally released in late October, the chance to be a pioneer and have premier visibility will have passed.

To celebrate this, AFTER-MOUSE.COM is offering 50% off application development for any client that decides to create a Windows 8 application prior to the October 26 official launch. AFTER-MOUSE.COM has been developing with Windows 8 since its pre-release a year ago, and Microsoft has recognized us as a valued partner and member of the elite Microsoft Application Acceleration Program (MAAP). Additionally, many companies with pre-existing accounts with Microsoft may be eligible to receive a stipend toward their application development as an added incentive.

AFTER-MOUSE.COM has already developed three successful commercial applications for Windows 8, including retail, real estate, and a photo E-card. Windows 8 is a game changer, and now is the time to make sure you and your company are at the forefront. Let's have a chat.

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